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The reason that Pest Management is so important for Hotels is not only the structural damage they can cause or the legislative impact they can have, but also the negative impact it can have on the hard earned reputation of the Hotel
Minimizing infestation risk with professional  IPM programme andpreventative procedures is the key to protecting a Hotel’s reputation and prevents potential health risks that pests can cause.

Identifying the risks that different parts of a Hotel hold is crucial to formulate an effective service program

 Dining Areas and Kitchen
The Kitchen is most often the greatest cause for concern as these areas attract rodents, cockroaches and flies (all of witch can spread disease). The kitchen attracts these pests because of the availability of food and heat. If the infestation is not controlled, pest can contaminate food or move into dining areas where it will cause distress to guests.

Enviro-Safe provides effective HACCP approved services to control infestations and minimize risk in these areas.



Off most importance in this area of a Hotel are Bed Bugs and other biting insects. Bed Bugs are an increasing problem all over the world and Hotels with international travelers are especially at risk.

Early detection and control prevents these pests from investing other parts of the Hotel. Preventative treatment also minimizes the risk of infestation

Enviro-Safe provides effective procedures to control and prevent these pests and train Hotel staff to detect these pests in early infestation stages.


Other Interior areas

Other Interior Areas like Gymnasiums, Sport Facilities, Restrooms, Basements, Offices, etc. is at lower risk of infestation, but is still important to treat as infestations can easily originate in these areas and spread to the rest of the Hotel.

Exterior Areas

By installing rodent bait stations, conducting thorough inspections and applying outside perimeter treatments to the Hotel if necessary, pest like rodents, American (drain) cockroaches, crickets, ants, etc will be prevented from entering the premises were they cause damage to the property and reputation of the Hotel.

If for some reason pest do gain entry to the Hotel, Enviro-Safe will respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies and deal with any problems that may arise.