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Hospitals, assisted living facilities, physicians’ offices and health specialty clinics are sensitive areas that require a careful, measured pest management program.  Heavy traffic flow and patient care requirements make an Integrated Pest Management program essential to prevent pest infestations and address active pest activity.

Facilities that care for the health and well-being of people require the most effective approach to pest management. Often this can be a challenge because of the diversity of services that may be offered, including acute care, emergency areas, patient rooms, food service, laundries, and storerooms. Each of these areas is attractive to various pests and provides sufficient food and harborage.

More importantly, pests in these areas are a significant concern because they can compromise the sterile nature of that environment, spread diseases and damage expensive equipment.

 Enviro-Safe’s environmentally sensitive treatment approach will keep your facility pest-free and protected. Enviro-Safe utilizes an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and focuses on pest prevention, not just control. Enviro-Safe will design and implement a customized pest prevention program for your health care facility.