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Office Building is at great risk of damage caused by pests. Pest causes great distress for employees, affecting productivity and reducing job satisfaction. Pests also cause physical damage to the property. Rodents constantly gnaw on cables (causing them to short circuit), stock, equipment, electrical appliances, furniture, etc. They also constantly urinate, causing unsanitary situations and health risks. Rodents are also potential disease carriers.

Pests like cockroaches and ants damage electrical equipment by nesting in it. They also contaminate food by feeding on it and excreting on and near it. 

Biting insects like bedbugs and fleas easily infests offices because of the many people working there. These pests are a big nuisance and effects employee’s well being. 

There are numerous factors contributing to the risk of infestation to Office Buildings witch include the age, size, location, type of construction and condition of the building. Other factors include the availability of food, type of products stored and level of sanitation and cleaning schedules. 

Enviro-Safe will asses the situation and needs of the customer and then design an affective and economical Integrated Pest Management Program accordingly. Enviro-Safe provides a full guarantee for its services and any emergency will be dealt with in a quick and affective manner.