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Retailing is a very competitive industry. You simply can not afford to jeopardize your brand’s reputation among customers. Pest infestations can do serious damage to your brand image and can cause you to quickly loose loyal customers to your competitors.

Besides the damage to your brand image, pest infestations can also cause losses due to stock and equipment damage. Rodents constantly gnaw on anything from wiring to containers and doors to gain access to food and shelter as well as to shorten their ever growing teeth. They also constantly excrete and urinate, leaving behind unsanitary and potentially dangerous environments. 

Other pests that include cockroaches and ants may nest in equipment causing permanent damage to wiring and components.  Equipment breakdown can cause losses, a decline in productivity and unhappy clients.

Pest infestations can even cause a reduction in productivity due to employee dissatisfaction. The reason for this might be phobias, health risks and unpleasant working conditions.

To manage these and other risks that pest infestations hold, Enviro-Safe provide customers with customised pest management solutions to suit every unique situation.