Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Fly Control

With spring around the corner, commercial fly control is something that every business should start considering. As summer approaches, the number of flies increases. For businesses, this can pose many problems. Besides being an extreme nuisance, flies are also carriers of many diseases. They are a health risk – particularly in areas such as restaurants, food packaging, supermarkets, and other environments with a risk of direct contamination. They are equally problematic in offices and other premises. The best solution for commercial fly control is an integrated approach that incorporates the most effective pest control strategies for removing and managing flies. 


Commercial Fly Control Solutions


At Enviro-Safe, we offer an integrated commercial fly control solution that includes the following measures.


Light traps


Light traps are an effective solution that requires no chemicals or toxins. These traps work by taking advantage of the phototactic behaviour of flies. Like many other flying insects, flies are attracted to light sources. Specific types of lights are especially attractive. Light traps make use of special types of lighting designed to attract flies towards the trap. They remove flies quickly and efficiently. If traps are used as part of an integrated pest control programme, they can be monitored carefully to record the number of flies trapped. This helps to provide the best possible results on an ongoing basis.


Aerosol dispensers


These offer a discrete, simple and efficient way to control flies in a wide range of environments. They can be positioned in a corner or unused area, in offices, retail environments, healthcare facilities, hotels and hospitality environments, food processing facilities, packaging facilities, and various other spaces. Most types are designed to provide 24-hour protection, ensuring that your premises stay protected all day, every day. 


Fly bait


Fly bait stations lure flies using tricosene – a pheromone naturally released by female flies to attract male flies. This pheromone is commonly used in pesticides. It is a low-toxicity option, making it safe to use in a wide variety of commercial environments. The bait stations can be stationed somewhere unobtrusively without taking up a lot of space or being too visible. As with traps, they can be monitored and serviced on a regular basis.

We also provide site inspections, follow-up visits, detailed record-keeping, recommendations, and reporting. For more information on our commercial fly control services, contact Enviro-Safe today.