What to Know About Integrated Pest Management

As the name implies, integrated pest management is about managing pest infestations on an ongoing basis. Rather than a once-off infestation removal, this solution aims to target the initial problem and then prevent further problems. This is an ideal option for larger premises, buildings with a higher risk of pests and any other premises requiring a more proactive option. Keep reading to find out more about integrated pest management.


What is Integrated Pest Management?


Integrated pest management comprises the following solutions as well as other measures to deal with infestations effectively.


Pest control


This applies to the removal of pest infestations. Whether your premises have been subjected to an ant invasion, rat or mice infestation, termite destruction or any other pest, the first step is to get rid of the pest. This is done through chemical and non-chemical procedures. Depending on the environment and the type of pest, a professional pest control expert such as Enviro-Safe will work with you to determine the best solution.


Regular inspections


Although initial inspections and post-fumigation or pest removal inspections are done with one-off pest control services, they are done more frequently with an integrated, longer-term service. Routine site visits are essential to be sure that there are no further signs of infestation. In the case of bait stations, monitoring needs to be done frequently. Recommendations are done with the help of reports and records that keep track of measures that have been taken to date.


Preventative solutions


An integrated approach focuses on preventative measures. Dealing with the initial infestation is vital. But, as there is a risk of re-infestation, it is also important to be proactive. This is where reports and inspections help. Other measures that can help include preventative chemical application to areas that have been affected. This helps to greatly reduce the risk of further incidents, keeping your premises safe against pests at all times.

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