How Often Should You Use Professional Deep Cleaning Services?

Professional deep cleaning services are essential for keeping areas such as washrooms sanitised. Although daily cleaning helps to remove surface and dirt, deep cleaning services are needed to reach into corners not easily accessed with everyday cleaning equipment. 


By their nature, washrooms are damp environments. This type of environment is a breeding ground for pathogens. Over time, bacteria and dirt can start to accumulate. As regular cleaning does not easily access and clean areas such as wall-mounted urinals, urinal bays, basins, and showers, this build-up can result in health risks. 


How often should deep cleaning be scheduled? Ultimately, the answer depends on a few factors.


How Often to Use Professional Deep Cleaning Services


Some of the things to consider when planning a schedule for professional deep cleaning services include the following:




In places such as schools, washrooms are used by many people, every day. The more often the washroom is used, the more bacteria and dirt will accumulate. Monthly services may not be sufficient to remove the constant build-up of bacteria. Bi-weekly or even weekly services may be needed instead, so that washrooms always stay clean, even when they have a high level of traffic. 




The size of the washroom will also be a factor to consider. Small washrooms that are fitted only with basins and toilets and/or urinals are generally easier to clean. Larger washrooms that are also fitted with showers and other areas that are prone to pathogens will need more volume cleaning to reach every corner and area. 




Washrooms that have multiple cubicles and sinks rather than a large sink with one or two basins will require more frequent cleaning as there are more spaces for bacteria to lurk. Those with hard to reach facilities will also need more frequent cleaning compared to those with a simple layout and easily accessible facilities. 


As a general rule of thumb, most medium-sized offices and premises will benefit from monthly cleaning services. Larger sized premises such as healthcare centres, schools and other premises with large washrooms and high traffic will require more frequent cleaning.


Enviro-Safe provides a comprehensive cleaning service that utilises state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff. For complete peace of mind, make sure that you invest in regularly scheduled deep cleaning services that will keep your washrooms sanitised at all times.