Are Disinfectant Foggers Safe to Use?

One concern that many have when considering disinfectant foggers is safety. In the majority of cases, total release foggers are made to sanitise large areas being used by people. They are used in classrooms, hospital facilities, commercial kitchens, restaurants, offices, and numerous other premises. As with any other type of treatment used in such areas, keeping safety in mind is always important. How safe are disinfectant foggers, and how do you ensure that you choose the right treatment for your needs?


How Safe Are Disinfectant Foggers?


Not all disinfectant foggers are equal. A major factor in safety is the fogger itself. Choosing an untested, generic fogger purchased in a store can end up costing you far more than you realise in the long run. With that in mind, important factors to consider include the product itself as well as whether or not the product has undergone stringent testing and certification. Another thing to consider is how the fogger is used. Improper use can end up causing safety hazards, even when using the most trusted product on the market.


Trusted products.


As we mentioned above, poor quality products will invariably deliver a poor quality result. This is true not only in the effectiveness of the product but also in its potential toxicity and harmful additives. Products that have an excellent reputation are essential. One of the best-known, safest product on the market today is SF Sanifog. This fogger is one of the least toxic disinfectants on the market, making it one of the safest. 


Certification and testing.


Unless the fogger has undergone extensive quality testing and achieved certification, you will not be sure whether it is safe to use. Foggers are designed to disinfect large areas, reaching into every corner, coating the entire space with a fine mist of disinfectant. The disinfectant should then evaporate, making the area safe to enter without any lingering chemicals or residue on surfaces. Products that have been tested give you complete peace of mind that they will do what they are made to do, without posing any risk to those using the space after total volume fogging has been done.


Proper usage and application.


Usage and application are also essential for safety purposes. Foggers should always be used according to the directions provided. Failing to use the product properly can result in safety concerns. They should be applied to empty spaces, by professionals who have extensive experience in the product and its proper application. The correct dosage should be used in accordance with the size of the space being disinfected. 


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