How to Stop an Ant Infestation

Wondering how to stop an ant infestation? You’re certainly not alone. Ants can be incredibly invasive, very quickly forming large colonies that are difficult to remove. During the summer months, ants are commonly found in homes and other buildings. But winter also seems to bring more ants in some areas – especially during the rains. 


Ants can be found during any season, however. There are multiple causes of ant infestation. Ants will usually enter premises searching for food and moisture or for nesting habitats. Although crumbs, food sources and other similar ant attractions may increase the risk of infestation, other factors are at play, too. They will often seek out moisture, making infestation common in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas prone to dampness. 


Whatever the cause, the problem with large numbers of ants moving into your premises is the damage that they can do. This is due to their ability to grow massive colonies as well as their highly organised colonisation strategies. 


Worker ants are the ants in charge of food collection. When they come across any food, they release a tiny bit of pheromone at the spot where the food was found. They then release a pheromone trail as they make their way back to the nest. This allows the rest of the colony to find their way to the food source.


Dealing With an Ant Infestation


Once the entire colony begins to move back and forth between the food source and the nest, you will end up with an ant infestation. Left unchecked, this infestation will quickly grow. Eggs will be laid, and hundreds of new ants will be bright into the colony. It is essential to act before things get out of hand. 


The most effective way to deal with an ant infestation is to invest in professional pest control as early as possible. Although there are countless natural remedies to be found online, very few of these actually work. Some may ward off a small number of ants. But none will get rid of large numbers. Instead, you will end up continually having to remove ants. 


The ones you see on the surface are not the only ants to worry about. In fact, it is the ants nested underground that cause the most problems. Ants can eat through wood and other materials in order to make nests. If professional pest control services are not used, you will not be able to treat the root cause. The nests underground lead to tunnels, which can affect the integrity of your building’s structure. Proper treatment will eliminate nests, effectively stopping the infestation.


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