Why Invest in End of Tenancy Deep Cleaning?

End of tenancy deep cleaning services are used in commercial and residential environments. They are most commonly used for rented spaces. These services provide a more intensive level of cleaning that specifically targets areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. 


Professional deep cleaning services offer a cost-effective solution to landlords, rental agents and property renters who are moving premises. In some cases, current tenants may be responsible for professional cleaning services to prepare the property for new tenants.


End of Tenancy Deep Cleaning Services


Some of the biggest advantages of deep cleaning services at the end of your tenancy include the following:


Prepares property for new tenants.


This can have a big impact on occupancy rates. Investing in professional, thorough cleaning services after a move leaves a positive impression on new tenants. If the property is being shown to prospective tenants and rental agents, it always helps to have the premises in outstanding condition. Leaving the premises sparkling clean means that new tenants can move in right away, without having to do their own cleaning before their move.


Saves time and costs.


Although you will likely have invested in regular cleaning services, there is a big difference between this type of cleaning and professional cleaning services. For the latter, comprehensive cleaning is done using premium products and technologies. This frees up time and effort for you as you prepare for your move to your new premises. It also leaves your cleaning staff free to focus on cleaning your new premises. As your cleaning staff will not have to spend a full day trying to clean an entire office or home thoroughly, you will save costs with a once-off professional clean, too.


Reduces complaints and concerns.


Few things are more frustrating than agents, landlords and new tenants than a property that has been left a mess. Even if the property looks fine at a glance, regular cleaning is not able to compare to deeper cleaning that reaches every corner of even the hardest spots to reach. In commercial properties, bathrooms are especially difficult to clean properly without the use of the right tools and products. If new occupants move in to find that there is dirt, grime or mould is hidden away behind basins, toilets or urinals, there will be complaints. In commercial kitchens, it is equally essential that every single part of the space is thoroughly disinfected. Solutions such as total release foggers will add even more peace of mind, preventing the risk of complaints.


To ensure that you leave your rented space as spotless as possible, contact Enviro-Safe today. Our range of sanitising solutions includes end of tenancy deep cleaning, pest control, total volume treatment and everything else you need for clean, safe premises.